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­­­­­­­Mike Mignola

­­­­­­­Mike Mignola is an American cartoonist born on September 16th 1962 with publications on Dark Horse a.o.

Starting as a novice cartoonist at Marvel Comics on series like Rocket Racoon, Hulk or Marvel Fanfare, Mignola was first influenced by comics writer Mike Ploog. As he creates more and more comics, he develops a more contrasted style, in the chiaroscuro and German expressionist cinema veins – Cosmic Odyssey (written by Jim Starlin), Gotham by Gaslight (a Victorian Batman written by Brian Augustyn), Jungle Saga (written by Walter Simonson) or the comic version of the Fafhrd & Grey Mouser saga from Fritz Leiber’s Le Cycle des Épées (written by Howard Chaykin).

He is now famous for his Hellboy series and its spin-offs. His comics world is very much inspired by American novelist and poet of the 19th century Edgar Allan Poe and American writer of the 20th century Howard Phillips Lovecraft, famous for his fantasy, horror and science-fiction tales. His graphic style includes clear, elegant lines with lots of chiaroscuros and contrasts.

In 2007, he created, together with Christopher Golden, the character of Lord Henry Baltimore, a one-legged veteran in an alternative history where the First World War ended with the advent of vampires. A series of comics, simply entitled Baltimore, is about the hero’s hunt for the vampire who killed his wife.

He also worked extensively for cinema and cartoons, delivering character and scenery works for Batman (the design of Mr. Freeze), Batman of the Future or Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Likewise, he closely assisted the film adaptation of Hellboy.

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay
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