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MAGIC INTERNATIONAL MANGA CONTEST 2021: Registration is open now!

We announce with great pleasure, for the fifth time in a row, the return of the MAGIC INTERNATIONAL MANGA CONTEST!

Do like Charles Compain, our great 2020 winner and make your dream come true!

Discover HERE his superb video which shows how Charles was able to convince the jury by his tenacity, his originality and his state of mind. Values ​​that are dear to MAGIC and that deserve to be highlighted!

Do you want to register for 2021? Download Terms and Conditions HERE

To be valid, you must be over 18 and these have to be initialed on every pages and signed!

Entry forms should be submitted by email to mangacontest@magic-ip.com, along with a scanned image file of these signed terms and conditions and a link to a server where we can download your full work.

Important dates:
June 15 to October 27, 2020 : Registration session and work submissions
November 16, 2020: Announcement of the 10 pre-selected stories
January 14, 2021: Announcement of the 5 selected stories which will proceed to the final
February 27, 2021, MAGIC: Finalists’ stories presentation in front of the Jury, deliberation and winner announcement.

The winner and the runner-up, will get his/her awarded work published online on Shônen Jump (http://plus.shonenjump.com/). 

Moreover, he/she will also have the chance to spend a month in Japan, where he/she will meet with mangaka, a Shueisha publisher (tantô), and get the opportunity to extend the partnership with the publisher for one extra year!

Good luck to everyone!




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Magic International Manga Contest 2020: the work of the winners are available on Shōnen Jump +!

Since 2017, Shibuya Productions and Shueisha / Shônen Jump have organized a major international manga contest within the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC).

This year, due to the health crisis, the event had to be postponed. Despite everything, the final of the MAGIC International Manga Contest was able to take place, thanks to videos presentation sent by each of the four finalists!

In these particular circumstances, the jury chaired by Tadatoshi Fujimaki (Kuruko no Basket) chose the following two works:

Grand Prize: DREAMERS by Charles Compain (France)

©Charles Compain/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha

DREAMERS is online since the 9th of June, HERE
The original version is after the Japanese version

Heir Apparent: TRUFFLE PIG by Kine Guiot (France)

©Kine Guiot/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha

TRUFFLE PIG is online since the 10th of June, HERE
The original version is after the Japanese version

You can download the french Press Release HERE


On January 31, we announced the 4 MAGIC International Manga Contest finalists who were supposed to present their work in front of the exceptional jury on March 7 during MAGIC:

Mr. Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Mangaka and author of Kuroko’s Basket
Mr. Hiroyuki Nakano, editor-in-chief of the weekly prepublication magazine Shûkan Shônen Jump
Mr. Shûhei Hosono, Editor-in-chief of Shônen Jump Plus
Ms. Sahé Cibot, Managing Director of Shibuya International
Mr. Hervé Trouillet, Artistic Director of Shibuya Productions

Unfortunately, on March 3, we had to make the decision to postpone the 6th edition of MAGIC, following the recommendations of the Government, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In this context, and as we are still lucky enough to have the networks to stay connected, we asked to the 4 finalists to send us videos of their projects, viewed by every jury members.

Today we have the honor to announce that the winner of the Magic International Manga Contest 2020 is the young 25 year-old Frenchman Charles Compain, with his work Dreamers.

Beyond his imagination and his drawing, Charles knew how to seduce the jury by his perseverance, his originality and his state of mind. Values ​​which are dear to MAGIC and which deserve to be highlighted.

Indeed, Charles had already participated in the competition in 2019 and finished favorite of this edition. He was able to integrate all the precious pieces of advice of the Exceptional Jury chaired by Kazuki Takahashi, the author of Yu-Gi-Oh!, which allowed him, this year, to reach the first place!

Congratulations for his success and his great motivation!

We remind you that he won a trip to Japan at Shonen Jump / Shueisha, in order to meet tanto and mangaka, including Tadatoshi Fujimaki.
He also won a publication on Shonen Jump Plus!

Here is a short summary of this work :
Hundreds of handicapped children have the chance to lose their handicap during lucid dream. In those worlds created for them, they do not have any limits, running on clouds or swimming under the oceans is now possible. However, everything has a cost, and our young heroes are going to discover the price of this liberty… Anyone who dies during the dream, will never wake up.

We also want to congratulate Kine Guiot, the runner-up of our contest with her work Truffle Pig which will also be published on Shonen Jump Plus in Japanese and in its original language!

Here is a short summary of this work:
Following a series of suicides in his own high school, Lou Greene decides to investigate. Endowed with a gift of clairvoyance, she perceives things that others do not see. Her research will lead her to discover an emotional dimension of which she was previously unaware.

MAGIC 2020 has been postponed

Hello MAGIC fans, our sense of responsibility obliges us not to take any risk with the health of all those who make MAGIC a success.
Our event being international, and welcoming mostly guests from high-risk areas, we cannot organize it next Saturday following the Government’s recommendations that we want to respect.
The MAGIC of 7 March 2020 is therefore postponed.

In order to take our revenge on this virus, the next MAGIC will be organized over 2 days on February 26 and 27, 2021.
We are also pleased to announce that Yoichi Takahashi, Koji Igarashi, Ayami Kojima, Dave Gibbons, Daitaro Nishihara, Reika and Jacky have already confirmed their presence.
We are waiting for the validation of our other guests and to mark the occasion we will of course invite other pop culture stars for what will undoubtedly be an exceptional event.

We would like to thank all our partners and collaborators for their understanding and reactivity as well as you of course, we look at your messages of support and it gives us strength.
The MAGIC 2021 will be completely crazy, we prefer to warn you.

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Discover the 4 finalists of our MAGIC International Manga Contest!

Here is the list of our 4 finalists of the MAGIC International Manga Contest who will have the chance to present their work on March 7th at the MAGIC in front of an exceptional jury :

Mr. Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Mangaka and author of Kuroko’s Basket
Mrs. Sahé Cibot, Managing Director of Shibuya International
Mr. Hervé Trouillet, Artistic Director of Shibuya Productions

See you on March 7th at MAGIC to know the name of the lucky winner who will see his work published on Shônen Jump Plus, will have the chance to go to Japan for 1 month to work with a mangaka from Shueisha and will try his luck to continue the adventure for 1 year!

Well done to all of you! And see you soon at MAGIC!

Dreamers by Charles Compain
Truffle Pig by Kine Guiot
Samurai Wolf Kagizume by Guillaume Hann (France)
The World of Keys by Gurukesh Khopatkar
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Registration for the event

Registrations for MAGIC 2021 will open soon.

Official partners

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

What an honor for Shibuya Productions to celebrate the sixth anniversary of our event the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) on the 7th of March.

Who could have believed, that a Gala Dinner, which was initially organized to celebrate the creation of the company, was going to transform into an inevitable yearly pop culture event in the Principality of Monaco.

 Who would have thought that after only 4 years, MAGIC will be exported to Japan, in Kyoto, Japanese culture’s heart.