Monaco Anime Game International Conferences

21 Mars 2015
Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Shinji Hashimoto, the vice president of Square Enix will be at MAGIC !
Yōichi Takahashi, the famous japanese manga artist will be at MAGIC!
Yuji Naka, the Sonic creator, will be at MAGIC !
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Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) will be there !!!
Come meet The great Yoshitaka Amano during the MAGIC ! More info...
Philippe Buchet (Sillage & Wolverine Saudade) will be our guest !
One of the Best French Illustrator and Colorist.... More info...
Franck Pititot aka Perceval (Kaamelott) will be there !!
A great Actor, but not only... More Info...


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Yaneka’s duo will be present at MAGIC for the Clara Maeda’s Fashion show. They will come exceptionaly from Japan for this occasion.

Recently, Issey Miyake chosen them for her fashion show in the Paris Fashion Week.

Guitare / Composition : Yuichiro Maeda

Singer : Chiyako Maeda

This Fraternal Duo be inspired by the familial company “Hiwadabukishi” for their name, a rare specialty transmitted in 17 generations which comprises by build and sculpt the sanctuary Shintô’s roofs or Noh’s theaters by using exclusively Hinoki’s bark.

Through their Japanese style music, Yaneka be inspired by nature to create poetic music, atmospheric and evolve which can talk to our humanity and our holiness.

After promising starts in the Londonien’s Open Mic, followed by their first album “Roots” self-produced in Japan, their 2nd album “Free” is recorded in London in the mystical Abbey Road Studio, in collaboration with swedish musiciens.

Traveling from a country to another, they stop in Sweden where they performed on nationales radio or TV channels, and then in France, where they performed many times for more than a year.

After a third album “All in the air” recorded by “Avex”, they was chosen by Issey Miyake to perform for her fashion show autumn/winter 2014 in collaboration with Ei Wada.