Monaco Anime Game International Conferences

21 Mars 2015
Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Shinji Hashimoto, the vice president of Square Enix will be at MAGIC !
Yōichi Takahashi, the famous japanese manga artist will be at MAGIC!
Yuji Naka, the Sonic creator, will be at MAGIC !
More info ...
Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) will be there !!!
Come meet The great Yoshitaka Amano during the MAGIC ! More info...
Philippe Buchet (Sillage & Wolverine Saudade) will be our guest !
One of the Best French Illustrator and Colorist.... More info...
Franck Pititot aka Perceval (Kaamelott) will be there !!
A great Actor, but not only... More Info...

Game Contest

Creation of a video Game for MAGIC

As you probably already figured out, at Shibuya we are truly passionate about video games.

We believe that many current video game productions are too focused on aesthetics and often lack a truly interesting and exciting game-play.

For us game-play is a fundamental part of enjoyable gaming. We can’t help, but reminisce about the old days when not matter what the game, console, computer or arcade, we could play it over and over again, and still enjoy it every time.

Our aim is to encourage those SPECIAL FEW who put game-play in the center of their proposed game creations.


The contest will be held in the following format:

From October 22nd to November 12th, 2014 – Registration

Monday, February 2nd – Submission deadline

Monday, February 23rd – Announcement of selected projects

Saturday, March 21st – Jury deliberation and winner announcement