Monaco Anime Game International Conferences

21 Mars 2015
Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Shinji Hashimoto, the vice president of Square Enix will be at MAGIC !
Yōichi Takahashi, the famous japanese manga artist will be at MAGIC!
Yuji Naka, the Sonic creator, will be at MAGIC !
More info ...
Yoshitaka Amano (Final Fantasy) will be there !!!
Come meet The great Yoshitaka Amano during the MAGIC ! More info...
Philippe Buchet (Sillage & Wolverine Saudade) will be our guest !
One of the Best French Illustrator and Colorist.... More info...
Franck Pititot aka Perceval (Kaamelott) will be there !!
A great Actor, but not only... More Info...

Frederick Raynal

RAYNAL_Frédérick_Ludoid-280x330          FAB_5718

He is the spiritual father of the Survival Horror ‘s Style thanks to Alone in the Dark

He is also the greatest creator of Little Big Adventure, Time Commando and Toy Commander, to quote only that game…

In 2006 he recived the Art and Letters’s Order Badge for his brillant start of career.

Today, he is working to the conception of his new game 2Dark.