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Iscriversi al concorso manga

Since 2017, Shibuya Productions and SHUEISHA Inc. are sponsoring a manga creation contest as part of the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) in partnership with Shibuya International.

The winner  and the runner-up will get their awarded work published online on Shônen Jump (

Moreover, the winner will also have the chance to spend several weeks in Japan, where he/ she will meet with mangaka, a Shueisha publisher (tantô), and get the opportunity to extend the partnership with the publisher for one extra year!

The contest is free and open to anyone over age 18.

Register right now for the 2024 edition!
The terms and conditions are HERE 

Send the terms and conditions, initialed on each page, signed and dated, at the following adress :

Key dates for the 2024 competition:
November 9 midnight: Deadline submission of files
November 23: Announcement of shortlisted stories
January 18, 2024: Announcement of the 5 finalists
February 24, 2024 (MAGIC) – Contest Final

Our 2023 winners :
1/ Miriam of the Skulls
Download the poster  HERE

© Elena Vitagliano / Shibuya Productions / Shueisha

2/ Bookhead
Download the poster HERE

© 2147/ Shibuya Productions / Shueisha

2022 Results:

Like every year, Hiroyuki Nakano (from Weekly Shônen Jump), Kyosuke Fujita and Shuhei Hosono (from Shônen Jump Plus), Sahé Cibot (from Shibuya International) and Hervé Trouillet (from Shibuya Productions) have tried to put their expertise together to select the best works.  Because yes, like every year, the projects presented are all different from one another and come from all around the globe.

We would like to thank, once more, each of our contestants. Even if you’re not selected, you must know that your work has provided us various emotions. Thank you for this present.  It’s important for all of us to remember that acting is necessary to hope, and vital to keep going to succeed!

Our 2022 winners:

Watchaland by Théodore Magloire Ekane Ekane (Cameroon)
Published online on Shônen Jump + HERE

©Théodore Magloire Ekane Ekan/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha 

Re:Coil by Maria Enjelia Villanueva (Philippines)
Published online on Shônen Jump + HERE

©Maria Enjelia Villanueva/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha 

Jury’s favorite
True Ikigai by Loïck Ngue (France)
Published online on Shônen Jump + HERE

©Loïck Ngue /Shibuya Productions/Shueisha 

Our 2021 winners:

Imago by Toan Tran and Samuel Van der Veen (France) is the winning artwork!

Published online on Shônen Jump +

©Toan TRAN/Samuel VAN DER VEEN/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha 

Watch out ! Magicaä by Valerie Yugay (Russie) won the second place.

Published online on Shônen Jump +

©Valerie YUGAY/Shibuya Productions/Shueisha

Back to our 2020 winners:

Dreamers de Charles Compain (France) est le grand gagnant et est en ligne sur Shônen Jump + ICI

Truffle Pig by Kine Gunot (France) won the second place and is online on Shônen Jump + HERE

Back to our 2019 winners:

MAGIC INTERNATIONAL MANGA CONTEST  FINALE  took place on the 9th March at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco during the 5th anniversary of MAGIC. This year the jury rewarded the work Mara- The Advocate of the Parallel Universe and its author Tanatach Chokcharoensup (Thailand).

Gunter of Fabien Ronteix (France) won second place,

and the jury’s favorite in 2019 was Quand nos yeux avaient la même couleur from Charles Compain (France). Thanks to Wacom, our partner!

Back to our 2018 winners:

We are happy and proud to announce that Runtime by Joanne Kim, MAGIC 2018 manga contest big winner is now on Shônen Jump + !


Dream Maker and Nako,  the runner-up and the favorite, are also available since april.



Back to our 2017 winners:

We are happy and proud to announce that Hyper Shiritori by vinhnyu, MAGIC 2017 manga contest big winner is now on Shônen Jump + !


The Witcher in the City by Dhafer, the runner-up, is also available.


Photo_concours manga_2016-2017(1)

Sahé Cibot (Shibuya International), Yoshihisa Heishi (Shueisha), Cédric Biscay (Shibuya Productions), Shuhei Hosono (Shueisha)

L'iscrizione alla manifestazione

Le iscrizioni a MAGIC 2023 sono chiuse.

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

Il MAGIC è finalmente di ritorno questi 25 e 26 Febbraio 2023 dopo 3 anni di assenza a causa della pandemia mondiale della Covid 19.

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