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Mark Millar

Born in 1969, Mark Millar is a British comics scriptwriter. He is the author of several series for divers American comics editors.

He began at DC Comics under the label Vertigo with the series Swamp Thing than with the Superman Adventures comics series adapting the animated cartoon. Then he wrote Superman –Red Son.

After that he joined the Marvel Comics in 2001 for the lauching of Ultimate Marvel – he wrote the script of the Ultimate X-Men series. Then he became a real superstar with the Ultimates series, illustrated by Bryan Hitch.

He became the scripwriter of some of the Marvel bestseller series, lauching the Marvel Knights Spider-Man series with a run of 12 episods and making a year of  Wolverine series with  John Romita Jr.

He found again the famous duet for Civil War (2016 in cinema) in a new post apocalyptic series with an old Wolverine in Old Man Logan. In 2009 and 2011, he wrote Kick-Ass illustrated by John Romita Jr and adapted in movie in 2010.

He also published the Secret Service, as a tribute to James Bond, illustrated by Dave Gibbons. This comic books is adapter in movie by Matthew Vaughn with the movie named Kingsman : Services Secrets (2015). The second one is to go out in 2017.



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