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Discover the 5 finalists of the MAGIC International Manga Contest

Here are our lucky finalists for the MAGIC International Manga Contest!
They will have the opportunity to win a one month trip to Japan to work with a mangaka from Shueisha and get the chance to continue the adventure with them  for a year
Kim Joanne                          RUNTIME
Aliens and humans have finally made contact through alien technology and weird white holes in space, which may or may not have been a good idea. Alien-like strength and abilities, viruses that make you repeat one action over and over, and mini black holes ravaging the Earth… Will two humans, both mysterious and powerful in their own ways, be able to save their home planet as well as uncover the secrets behind the strange phenomena happening in their universe?
Maria Enjelia Villanueva   ROYAL MAGIC GALA

The largest country in the continent is busy celebrating the yearly feast for the Royal Gala, the stone floating above the castle that is said to have miraculous powers. But is it really the Royal Gala that possess this power or something else? The secrets of the royalty shall be revealed!

Zilo                   DREAM MAKER – THE ARTIST

In a world dispossessed of any dreams, a new kind of doctor will appear. The “Dream Makers” present in several cities and villages, sell their dreams to inhabitants as remedies. The “Artist” is an embittered old man living on the edge of a village, who is tired of making always the same basic creations at the villagers request. Except this little boy: Kio, determined to buy him one of his “great” dreams.

Mamadou Dieng                 NAKO

Nako is a young boy who is part of a peaceful Tribe they call The Confident.Nako’s village symbolizes Wisdom, Respect, and Peace. However the village’s peacefulness is threatened in Young Nako’s absence.

Yoann Vornière                   BIG BURGER BOY

A wrong-way sign is given consciousness after a very dangerous chemical product touches it. This transformation turns it into a pretty violent creature and Burgy, the burger-headed man, will have to do everything he can to stop him from harming his Boss.

Congratulations! And see u at MAGIC!

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

MAGIC is finally back on February 25 and 26, 2023 after 3 years of absence caused by the global Covid 19 pandemic.