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Pugoffka is a talented cosplay photographer from Ukraine, Kiev. She started her photography career in 2009. Pugoffka has been photographing for more than 9 years and have done more than 800 cosplay photoshoots all around the world as she travels a lot.

Pugoffka has been invited as Judge/Jury for several international cosplay contests throughout the world since 2014 such as World Cosplay Summit (WCS) or Kiev Comic Con.

During conventions Pugoffka often holds workshops about photography and editing of cosplay shoots, as she likes sharing the experience she has gained over the years. Pugoffka is also a cosplayer, she especially likes characters from video games.

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

What an honor for Shibuya Productions to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our event the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) on the 9th of March.

Who could have believed, that a Gala Dinner, which was initially organized to celebrate the creation of the company, was going to transform into an inevitable yearly pop culture event in the Principality of Monaco.

Who would have thought that after only 4 years, MAGIC will be exported to Japan, in Kyoto, Japanese culture’s heart.

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