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Mr Garcin

The recent notoriety acquired by Mr Garcin thanks to his first collaborations with Marvel Comics (especially for the cover  for the 50th anniversary of Spiderman) spotlighted  this mysterious artist,who carefully hides his identity to the world. Stakhanovist of the scissors and glue, his weapons of predilection, Mr. Garcin never stops revisiting the mythical figures of popular culture to come to emphasize the unique symbolic importance they have taken today.

Drawing inspiration from American comics, Japanese manga and the 80s cinema, he creates a vivid visual universe. He will come to present you in premiere his book published by Pix’n love. The first official biography of Mr Garcin! You will discover the sulphurous secrets concealed by the mask from which he never separates, not even to sleep, while discovering, or rediscovering, his first hundred works brought together for the first time in a book.

A journey in an atypical universe that has marked the Pop Contemporary Culture!

Registration for the event

MAGIC#4 will take place the 24th february 2018 at Grimaldi Forum. Registration is finished.

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay
C'est un grand honneur pour Shibuya Productions d'annoncer la 4ème édition du Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) qui aura lieu le 24 février prochain au Grimaldi Forum. En tant qu'amateur de mangas, de jeux vidéo, d'animation et de comics, je souhaite partager ces passions auprès d'un public amoureux de ces univers en sollicitant les plus grands artistes internationaux. Read more...