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The MAGIC International Manga Contest organised by Shibuya Productions and Shueisha is back for 2022!

Like each year, the winner and the runner-up will have their manga published on Shonen Jump Plus!

You can download the terms and conditions HERE

Register by 2021, October, 15 and send your manga by 2021, October 25, before 12:00 am CET.

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Since June 2020, we have been receiving your applications and boards to participate in our MAGIC International Manga Contest. On January 22nd, we announced the 5 finalists of the contest.

This year again, due to the sanitary situation, the jury, composed of Hiroyuki Nakano (editor-in-chief of Weekly Shônen Jump), Shuhei Hosono (editor-in-chief of Shônen Jump Plus), Hervé Trouillet (artistic director of Shibuya Productions) and Sahé Cibot (associate director of Shibuya International), decided between the 5 finalists based on video presentations.

We are proud to announce that the winners of the MAGIC International Manga Contest 2021 are Toan Tran (29 years old) and Samuel Van der Veen (22 years old), with their artwork Imago.

All our congratulations to this highly motivated duo!

We remind you that they win a one-month stay in Japan for one person, including several meetings with an editor (tantô) of Shônen Jump as well as meetings with various mangakas.

Imago will of course be published soon on Shônen Jump Plus!

The cherry on the cake: our partner XP-PEN offers them an Innovator 16 tablet!

While waiting for the publication, here is a short summary of this artwork:

Julien is an inspector, searching for his wife who disappeared mysteriously. He crosses the path of Naomi, a young telepath suspected of murdering her own father, gives Julien new perspectives…

The runner-up of our 2021 contest is Valerie Yugay (26 years old) with Watch out! Magicaä, which will also be published on Shônen Jump Plus in Japanese and in the original language! She will receive an Artist 12 Pro tablet from XP-PEN.

Here is a short summary of this artwork:

Somewhere far away, on the giant island in the endless ocean, lies Litany. There’s a lot of great stories about this ancient country at the foot of Mount Middlerock, full of magic and adventures. And there’s always place for another one…

Stay tuned for more news about their manga on Shônen Jump Plus!

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New Partnership!

We are excited to announce our brand-new partnership for the Magic International Manga Contest with XP-PEN, which offers HD tablets for all artists seeking inspiration!

Thanks to them, the lucky winner will receive an Innovator 16 tablet from XP-PEN, and the runner-up an Artist 12 Pro tablet!

The winner and the runner-up will be announced on March 11th !

Twitter : @XPPentablette @MagicMonaco
Instagram : @xppen_fr @magic_monaco
Facebook : @xppenfr, @magic.monaco

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The Magic International Manga Contest 2021 finalists are…

The postponement of our Magic event to 2022 literally broke our hearts! However, the adventure of the International Manga Contest 2021 edition continues!

After the selection of the 10 favorite stories, it’s time to announce the finalists of the contest!

The 5 finalists are :

Watch out ! Magicaa !

Artichoke, Pinapple and her Hip Hop Heart

Fruit of Minds

Dead Olympic


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Magic 2021 postponed to 2022

Hello everyone,

This is normally a period in which we should be communicating about MAGIC 2021.
The 2020 experience has taught us to be very cautious, we gave ourselves until Monday, November 23rd to make a final decision regarding this new edition

You know how important it is for us, for our guests as well as for you, to have an anticipated and precise organization.
Our experience has taught us, that it is only under these conditions that the magic of this event can be achieved.

COVID 19 is a challenge for our entire company and despite our ability to anticipate, international flights and the possibilities of welcoming our prestigious guests remain uncertain.

Our event is being prepared many months in advance and we were preparing for the 2021 edition until now. The uncertainty is still well beyond our control, making it difficult to plan ahead for February, giving the serenity and professionalism that a MAGIC requires.

Many people opt for virtual events, and while we can understand this, we can’t solve it.

MAGIC is a unique moment, deliberately chosen on a human scale, where our audience can meet their mentors/idols, and our stars can count on their fans.
A place where our precious partners as well as the public, have the right to expect the quality and ambition that a MAGIC represents.

The Shibuya Productions team has therefore decided to focus on anticipation, more than ever in this particular unclear context, in order to keep its values. This is why we announce that the next edition of MAGIC Monaco will be held on February 26th and 27th, 2022, as usual at the Grimaldi Forum.

Our guests have already let us know that they will be among us throughout this new edition. We would like to thank them for their great reactivity and their unfailing support.

We will be adding new guests so that we can prepare a great celebration all together.

This second postponement of the MAGIC does not mean that we will not see each other again until then, we are working on a still top-secret concept, which should make quite a lot of noise!

We will probably organize a live FB in the next few weeks in order to inform you.

It’s been two half-times that Captain Tsubasa has been waiting on this poster, so for the first time in soccer, we’re actually going to play a third half.

See you soon!


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Registration for the event

Les inscriptions pour MAGIC 2022 vont ouvrir prochainement.

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

What an honor for Shibuya Productions to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our event the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) on February 25 and 26, 2023.

Who could have believed, that a Gala Dinner, which was initially organized to celebrate the creation of the company, was going to transform into an inevitable yearly pop culture event in the Principality of Monaco.

 Who would have thought that after only 4 years, MAGIC will be exported to Japan, in Kyoto, Japanese culture’s heart.