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Kazuki Takahashi will be a member of the jury panel of the Magic International Manga Contest 2019!

We are more than happy to announce our first guest at MAGIC 2019, the author of the famous Manga: YU-GI-OH!, Kazuki Takahashi.

Takahashi san will be with us to celebrate the MAGIC 5th anniversary on the 9th of March, he will also hold a conference and an autograph signings.

We are very pleased to welcome him as a member of the jury panel of the Magic International Manga Contest. He will have the hard task to evaluate the candidates who will have a chance to win a publication on Shonen Jump Plus.

More information to come !

Please click HERE to read our press release !

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VIDEO GAME CONTEST: Registration session is now open!
Édition 2018(1)

Video Game Contest: Registration session is now open!

It is with great pleasure that we announce, for the fifth time in a row, the return of our unique MAGIC VIDEO GAME CONTEST, which will take place on March 9th, 2019.
Prize: €100 000 for investment toward your project!

If you want to participate in the contest, please download the application form HERE
In order to make your registration valid, you must be over 18 and complete Terms and Conditions with your initials and signature!

Entry forms should be submitted by email to, along with a scanned image file of initialed and signed terms and conditions.

Important dates:

  • 19th June – 15th October 2018: Registration session; Terms and Conditions available on
  • 19th November 2018: Submission deadline
  • 8th February 2019: Announcement of the five selected projects, which will proceed to the finals
  • 9th March 2019, MAGIC: Finalists’ project presentations, jury deliberation and winner announcement

This contest is open to everyone and free.
The panel of judges will be announced soon.
To read our Press Release please click HERE


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It is with great pleasure that we announce, for the third time in a row, the return of the MAGIC INTERNATIONAL MANGA CONTEST!

Do you want to register ? Download Terms and Conditions HERE
To be valid, you must be over 18 and these have to be initialed and signed!

Entry forms should be submitted by email to, along with a scanned image file of these signed terms and conditions and a link to a server where we can download your full work.

Important dates:

  • 12th June to 15th October of 2018: Registration session and drawing boards submissions
  • 13th November 2018: Announcement of the 10 pre-selected stories
  • 17th January 2019: Announcement of the 5 selected stories which will proceed to the finals
  • 9th March 2019, MAGIC: Finalists’ stories presentations, jury deliberation and winner announcement

The winner will get his awarded work published online on Shônen Jump ( Moreover, he/she will also have the chance to spend a month in Japan, where he/ she will meet with mangaka, a Shueisha publisher (tantô), and get the opportunity to extend the partnership with the publisher for one extra year!

To read our Press Release please click HERE

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Release of Crazy Dreamz first best-of, our great 2018 winner!

Shibuya Productions is proud to announce the release of the first opus of Crazy Dreamz, the winner of the Video Game Creation Contest, organized by the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences « MAGIC » on february 24th 2018.

First 2D platform game designed by its own players and sharing its revenues with its community, this game brings diversity and originality.

Crazy Dreamz is available today on PC and Mac via Steam HERE

Crazy Dreamz won 100 000€ of investment from Shibuya Productions for this project that looks very promising.

We invite you to click HERE to discover additional informations via the press release.

Feel free to spread the information or download the game and perhaps become the creator of tomorrow !

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As always during the MAGIC, Shibuya Productions present the company’s futur projects through the traditionnal “Crazy Time”.

Michel Lafon x Shibuya Productions

This year Cédric Biscay announced, in the presence of Michel Lafon himself, the creation of a label Michel Lafon x Shibuya Productions. This partnership will allow, among other things, to publish th Manga contest’s winners in France. More informations about futur projects are coming !



GenImage is the result of a partnership between Shibuya Productions, MAGIC & l’ESDAC, offering a professional expertise on video games, comics creation, manga, illustration & animation.

This school propose a Bachelor, with a progressive speciality during the second and the third year, then a Master specialized in the field chosen by the student.

It includes an international dimension with an opening of two sites in San Francisco & Tokyo. It also seek to give to its students a technic and artistic training enrich with versatility to respond to the needs of image and creation industry.



Another partnership, ths time with WCS (World Cosplay Summit), will allow the MICM’s (MAGIC International Copslay Masters) winner to be a special guest (without competiting) at the WCS, and to the WCS’s winner to be invited to the MAGIC and join the MICM competition.


Shenmue III

Cédric Biscay & Yu Suzuki, who was at the MAGIC, presented exclusively the Shenmue III’s trailer, here’s one exclusive picture of this trailer.


MAGIC Kyoto 2018!

Finally, the most incredible announce of this Crazy Time is about MAGIC, which will be in Kyoto soon! More informations about this coming soon! You can watch the video of this anouncement by the governor and the mayor of Kyoto HERE!


Don’t hesitate to read our post-MAGIC press release HERE!

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L'iscrizione alla manifestazione

MAGIC è un evento privato organizzato da Shibuya Productions. L'ingresso è gratuito e su registrazione. Tuttavia l'organizzazione si riserva il diritto di declinare l'ingresso senza alcuna giustificazione.

Partner ufficiali

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay
C'est un grand honneur pour Shibuya Productions d'annoncer la 4ème édition du Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) qui aura lieu le 24 février prochain au Grimaldi Forum. En tant qu'amateur de mangas, de jeux vidéo, d'animation et de comics, je souhaite partager ces passions auprès d'un public amoureux de ces univers en sollicitant les plus grands artistes internationaux. Leggere il seguito