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Discover the 10 preselected projects for our MAGIC International Manga Contest 2018

We are very happy to announce the 10 preselected projects for our MAGIC International Manga Contest 2018:


Dylan Maldonado – Strange Raven

Fabien Ronteix – Little Humanus

Jasmin Puschacher – Claws

Kim Joanne – Runtime (Merged)

Leïla Bensaïd – Dream Maker – The Artist

Mamadou Dieng – Nako

Maria Enjelia Villanueva –  Royal Magic Gala

Ornella Schvartz – Noctalis

Yoann Vornière – Big Burger Boy

Alice Barnes –  Clean Sweep


Congratulations to all our preselected applicants and a warm thank you to all the participants.

The winner will have the opportunity to stay one month in Japan , meet a tantô ( publisher) from Shueisha, work with a mangaka and get the opportunity to extend their partnership with this publisher for one extra year !

Registration for the event

MAGIC is a private event organized by Shibuya Productions. The entrance is free of charge and requires prior registration. The organization reserves the right to deny anyone entry to the event at their discretion.

Official partners

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Cédric Biscay
Cédric Biscay

What an honor for Shibuya Productions to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our event the Monaco Anime Game International Conferences (MAGIC) on the 9th of March.

Who could have believed, that a Gala Dinner, which was initially organized to celebrate the creation of the company, was going to transform into an inevitable yearly pop culture event in the Principality of Monaco.

 Who would have thought that after only 4 years, MAGIC will be exported to Japan, in Kyoto, Japanese culture’s heart.